How many wives can a Nigerian man have?


How many wives can a Nigerian man have? Just being curious here. I learned that the average Nigerian man can marry as many wives as possible. How true is this? How many is actually possible in Nigeria?

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  1. Flint

    How many wives a man can marry in Nigeria depends on his religion. One religion permits many wives while the other permits only one. Take the Christians for instance, the bible admonishes us to settle down with just one woman. The case is different with the Islamic religion, a Muslim man can marry up to 5 wives.


    Nigeria is rich in diversity. There are also three major religions in Nigeria namely; Christian, Muslim, and traditional religion. The number of wives a Nigerian can have depends largely on his religion, motivation and morality.

    With over 250 different tribes, it is important to note that Nigerians from different zones and tribes behave different and hold different beliefs.

    A Christian in Nigeria is expected to have one wife because of his religion. A Muslim on the other hand, can have up to three wives. Traditionally, a man can have as many wives as he wants, provided he can carter for them. Hyper gamy marriage is usually seen in this scenario.

    A Nigerian man has no limitations when it comes to how many wives he can have. He is not restricted.

  2. Eva

    The number of wives a Nigerian man could have depends largely on the culture and religion of an individual. (almost all cultures of Nigeria permits a man marrying more than one wife), The cap was set only by religion. We have three religions in Nigeria which are Christian, Islamic, and traditional religion. The Christian religion approve a man marrying just one wife, the Islamic approves a man marrying more than one wives provided they are treated equally. The traditional religion however approves marrying as many as you want.), Howbeit, The number os wive a Nigerian marries depends on individual resolve, motivation and beliefs.


    A Nigerian man can marry as many wives as he desires. The restrictions are only set by the legal system, religion or tradition. When couples are married in a court, there are penalties for infidelity.

    wives a Nigerian man
    Different people have different traditions. Nigerian is made up of over 200 ethnic groups. Most of them have different cultures and customs.

    Also, a person’s belief (religion), can also determine how many wives he can have. Nigerian is a very religious nation, it should be among the top most religious nations in the world.

    The lifestyle of a Christian man is highly influenced by Christian doctrines.

    The bible says ….and a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife. In many verses of the Holy bible, a Christian is advised to marry only one wife.

    A man in the traditional religion can do whatever he likes, there  is no rule book.

    A Muslim man can marry up to 5 wives, to avoid fornication.

    The number of wives a Nigerian man can have is determined by these factors.

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  3. Williamspro
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    The answer to this question can only be address religiously: 

    1) Christianity (not a religion by the way,it is the life of GOD in a man which is gotten by believing that JESUS CHRIST who is the word of God came down to earth in the form of a man to die for the sins of all mankind and whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. john 3:16-17).

    As a Christian, Jesus Christ taught that man should have one wife (Matthew 19 :1-12)

    2) Islam.
    As a Muslim (lslam) the Quran teach that a man can have up to four wives ( quran 4:3). 

    So a Muslim can have up to four wives but a christian is instructed to marry just one but the bible does not say all men have faith which means that the religious aspect will not influence some decision, so it depends on the individual.

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