Who is the most famous person in Nigeria?


There are lots of people Nigerians hold in high esteem, people that have made stride in different fields of endeavors. I suppose the list would be endless if we care to list all of them. In your opinion, who is the most famous person in Nigeria?

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  1. Williamspro

    The most famous person in Nigeria would be president Muhammadu Buhari. I don’t think there is a Nigerian that does not know the present president of Nigeria.

    There are other popular Nigerians but currently he should be numero uno (number one).


    Well, this may be difficult to ascertain because here in Nigeria we have a lot of famous people in different  sectors and industries. No particular person is famous for ever, at one point or the other they go on low profile.
    I will list some of the most famous Nigerians below (in no exact order).

    Goodluck Jonathan
    Pastor E A Adeboye
    Pastor David Oyedepo
    Wole Soyinka
    J J Okocha
    Olusegun Obasanjo
    Atiku Abubakker

  3. Marufah

    In my opinion, I think the most famous person in Nigeria now is the National President- Muhammadu Buhari. Of course, virtually everyone will know him. He’s loved by some just as many people are against him. So I think he is the most famous personality in Nigeria at the moment.

    Kids memorize his name in primary and nursery school.

    Students talk about the president.

    Adults discuss him.

    There are other notable famous Nigerian but he is still number one at the moment.

  4. Eva

    The Most Famous Person in Nigeria is Mohammadu Buhari at the moment. he became the president of Nigeria in 2015 and was re-elected under the platform of the APC in 2019. He is the most talked about in Nigeria.

    Both the young, old, rich and poor all have something to say about him even people outside the country talks about him…they even use him to make sentences… So to me president Buhari is the most famous person now.

    I think this question is critical because we don’t have only one person as the most famous person in Nigeria…if I remember correctly, the word famous is the public eye or a well known person and we have a plethora of them in Nigeria.

  5. Flint

    Various citizens have contributed to the growth and development of the great country Nigeria. But the most famous person I think is Dr Nnamdi Azikwe.

    Born on 16/11/1904, the great zik of Africa as he is called was the first president of Nigeria. He played a significant role in actualizing the independence of the Nigeria. Dr Nnamdi Azikwe was a leader with a difference who redefined nigerias polictics . Until his death, he was a great elder stateman and will forever be remembered for his selfless service in keeping the country United..


    I an the most famous is Nigeria. Lol. Well everyone wants to be famous. A friend once told me been rich and not famous means you are powerless. And to the question of the day. Who is the most famous Nigerian.¬† I would love to say that is not far-fetched.. Which I can say is the president of Nigeria, major-general Muhammadu Buhari(rtd). It would be rare to see someone who doesn’t know this man even the baby in the womb I trust knows him. Why is he so famous. Simple. He is in control of the resources that you and I want and believe can make our lives better and fulfilled so with these you would always want to remember him at almost all times.

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