What are the major problems of democracy in Nigeria?


What are the major problems of democracy in Nigeria? Does it even work in Nigeria? Democracy was instituted to empower the citizens of any nation as major stakeholder but so far, do you think it is working in Nigeria? What are your thought on this?

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    Below are some of the major problems of democracy in Nigeria.

    1. Godfatherism: Most political leaders in Nigeria are usually installed by “god fathers”, Usually, they go for people that are very loyal to them irrespective of their character or leadership quality.

    2. Lack of transparency: our leaders lack this, a government must be transparent and accountable to the people but what will get in Nigeria is quite the opposite.

    3. Greed: Nigeria can’t have democracy because the leaders don’t think about others just their selves. Money meant for the people is been squandered by individuals. More than a trillion dollar has gone into power generation but we still can’t boost of 5000m Mega watts.

    4. No plans for a better tomorrow, A government that lack direction will never produce result. I think they don’t have plans for a better tomorrow.

    5. Poll Boycott – People don’t exercise their democratic rights during elections because many feel their vote don’t count not been counted because most Nigerian leader are selected and never elected.

    6. Inequality

    7. No peace among citizens, Marginalization of certain sections of Nigeria have contributed largely to the hatred they have for each other, The hatred has deteriorated to an abysmal state to the extend that people are slaughtered like animals in different state and there is also a clamor for the division of Nigeria..

    8. Corruption: this is MAJOR problem of democracy in Nigeria because i think corruption leads to every other problem in Nigeria

  1. Flint

    Let me do a breakdown of what I consider the major problem of democracy in Nigeria.

    Prior to the coming of the white men, the then northern and southern protectorate has always lived a life where the rich and powerful take charge and make decisions. Some of them ran a system where a particular set of people be it family, lineage, kinsmen produces who rules and whose decisions are taken.

    Upon amalgamation in 1914, this continued as the colonial masters worked with these powerful ones to make and take decisions. In 1999 when Nigeria embraced democracy literally, they did so not knowing what it really was . They accepted it to run from the military era and it’s dictatorship. But as the saying goes, ” a leopard does not change it’s skin” and ” what you don’t know it’s use ,you abuse”.

    This has been the fate of Nigerias democracy, the people never changed from been ruled by the powerful and mighty and also the citizens never understood the true meaning of democracy.

    These conceptions has brought so many problems to the country.

    The major problems of Nigerian democracy includes:

    • Undue favoritism
    • High handedness
    • Marginalization
    • Religious intolerance
    • Ethnic conflict
    • Greater percentage of uneducated citizens
    • Greed
    • Inexperienced leadership
    • Shabby Constitution
    • O yes members (band wagon)
    • Corruption which is the father of them all

    These things has plugged the nations into eternal backwardness and confusion. It has left the nation to have plenty but live with nothing.

    Currently, democracy is not working in Nigeria but it can work in Nigeria. It can work only when the aforementioned points are looked into. It can only work when your background, ethnicity, beliefs does not qualify for a position but your intellect, virtues and values, patriotism, handwork and dedication becomes factors to consider. It can only work when people begin to be inclusive in the present day government.

    When this is done, the country is heading towards achieving the true dividends of DEMOCRACY which is the government of the people by the people and for the people.

  2. Miraclen12

    The major Problems of democracy in Nigeria is that it is not yet well understood by the citizens. The freedom it offer, is now being abused hugely. people that are democratically empowered turn around to afflict the citizens.

    It brings Insecurity

    Every election year in the past has brought death, murder and pain with it. This should step if we understood the nitty-gritty of democracy.

    Kidnapping in Nigeria kidnapping is a major problem in Nigeria, victims of kidnap are never the same after they are rescued. Recently, a friend of mine was kidnapped in northern Nigeria last month, they called for 20 million ransom and we never heard from them thereafter.

    Religion: the whole state in Nigeria have different religion and this can course a very big problem to a lot of people why because now I am a girl and got married to a man from another religion, I don’t know that religion so they have to teach me the religion and I keep missing my step and for that I get penalized.

  3. Dsanch

    According to ”Abraham lincoln” former American president, he defined democracy as the Government of the people by the people and for the people.

    Democracy is coined from two Greek words Demos meaning ”people” and kratia meaning ”rule” therefore democracy can literally be said to mean ”people rule”.

    Nigeria has been the giant of Africa and at the same time practicing the said democracy with the wrong principles and with ambassadors of poverty as leaders. Nigeria is said to be a democratic state but has never practiced a true democracy simply because we haven’t been truthful to ourselves and we love the fact that we are ruled by old thieves in the corridors of power.

    1. The major problems of democracy in Nigeria is corruption,lack of a true free and fair election,lack of transparency, accountability,
    2. We have insurgency, ethnic conflict etc
    3. Godfatherism is the foundation of a failed democratic state..if these problems will be tackled adequately and efficiently then we will have a better Nigeria to live in

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