What is the problem in Nigeria?


What is the problem in Nigeria? The nation Nigeria has been fondly called the giant of Africa but however characterized by lots of problems that seem insurmountable. What are the problems that exist in Nigeria and 

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  1. Eva

    What causes the problem in Nigeria is quite numerous. Some of them are listed below

    1. Oil and gas: The discovery of crude in the Niger Delta was supposed to be a blessing but turned out to be a cause in disguise for most of the communities with this oil deposit. They fight themselves because of oil and gas and the government are only interested in getting money from this sector without considering the unemployed youths and the poverty situation of the nation.

    2. god-fatherism: This is a process where recommended people are employed while qualified people are not. This is a big problem in Nigeria and one of the causes of set back in our economy. People that are well qualified to handles sections of the economy are disregarded while a political thug who only cares about money will be given a delicate position in government.

    3. Selfishness and greed: the people on top don’t want to leave for others to go there even if they are due for retirement or too old they would rather anoint a loyalist to continue in their stead. This loyalist often are mere political thugs and knows nothing about governance.

    Religion: The huge gap in religion is a major cause of problem in Nigeria. Most of the conflict recorded in Northern Nigeria result from religious crises. It would be a lot easy if we are a one religion nation, say Christianity.

    Press Censorship: The press and well meaning Nigeria who usually stand against corruption have bullied into a corners, there are cases where this people simply disappear.

    People that are in the place to speak don’t speak the Truth rather they do things to please the leaders for their own selfish gains. The share stupid part of it is when citizen collect peanuts from politicians and use that as bases for voting them into power. That is why I also believe that lack of education is a major problem in Nigeria.


    The problem in Nigeria stems from different sections of the nation’s economy and societal structure . It is both economical, ecological and also religious.

    It would be hard to say what is the problem of Nigeria categorically since it is, at this point considered to be hydra-headed.

    However, it is useful to note that problems exists in every country of the world.

    I have listed below – the many problems in Nigeria

    Governmental Problems

    The government plays the role of the umpire in any society, Any society lacking in credible and accountable leaders is bound to crash. The challenges existing in Nigeria today can be traced back to several years of misrule and impunity.

    A government that can not instigate a credible electoral process, a transparent constitution and workable economical structure only increases the problems of the nation and thereby endangering her citizens.

    Cultural Difference problems

    It is common knowledge that the major problem of Nigeria results from the diversity in ethnicity and culture. One of the integrating force in any society is the cultural unity. The existence of multiple or conflicting cultures spells doom for any society.

    Language Problem

    Another factor is the many languages spoken in Nigeria, there are over 300 languages spoken in Nigeria. It is a common knowledge that “two cannot walk except they agree” The many languages spoken in Nigeria is a major cause of disagreement and disunity in Nigeria

    Educational Problems

    The difference between a successful man and his unsuccessful colleague is merely knowledge, Education help people to know what to do in every situation. English is the official language spoken in Nigeria but English is only thought in schools. In 2019, over 70% of Nigerians have not been to the university.

    When citizens are not educated, they will be unable to elect a suitable leader. Education is a major cause of national and human development.

    Image Problem

    All over the world, a wrong perception exist about Nigeria and Nigerians. Over 180 million Nigeria exist on the earth, the world however takes cognizance of the infinitesimal percentage that get involved in crimes as a yardstick for judging the entire nation.

    This image problem is a major concern to 180 million decent Nigerians.

    Nigeria is top on poverty list, top on corruption list, top on terrorism list and so much more. This throws the nations in bad lights and hence hampers out social life as a nation.

    While some of this claims can be validated, some are mere speculation.

    I could go on and on to enumerate the problem in Nigeria, However, I would love to stop here.

    Best answer

    Nigeria, as well as every other country in the world is facing challenges. The problem in Nigeria is also in every country of the world. Problems are universal and not just synonymous with African countries.

    In Asia, more problems like earthquake and natural causes claims millions of life yearly. America is also facing financial, political and economic challenges.

    Britain is not also immune from national troubles. There is religious, political and racial conflict been recorded daily.

    So problems are universal and can only be controlled when the right infrastructures are put in place.

    The problems in Nigeria is…
    1) Bad governance
    2) Religious conflict
    3) Corruption 
    4) Kidnappings
    5) Press censorship 

    Just to name a few. The problem in Nigeria can be controlled if the electoral system is unbiased. This will inform the election of well meaning Nigerians to take up leadership positions and fix the system.

    Over 50 percent of the problems in Nigeria will naturally fizzle out at the sight of good leadership.


    The problems in Nigeria ranges from insecurity, misappropriation of public funds. Incompetent leaders, lack of electricity (the driving force of any economy).

    Electricity have been politicized, just like governmental appointment. There is a whole lot that needs to be addressed.

    There is insecurity in northern Nigeria and daylight genocide by the fulani hardsmen and boko haram.

    Check the newspaper stand, it is all about genocide, mass murder, kidnapping, Politics and counter-politicking.

    But there is hope, God have a big plan for Nigeria and it is unfolding as the day goes by. The corrupt leaders will be blindsided, they wouldn’t see it coming…. the salvation of the lord.

  2. Flint

    All countries have their own peculiar problem. There is no country without one problem or the other . The problem is Nigeria can be traced to our unpatriotic attitude towards the nation. Most citizens don’t care what happens to the country as long as they get their daily bread, shelter and clothing.

    This unpatriotic attitude as lead to the institution of bad governance where corrupt and people of no integrity has been elected to fill some political positions which has cause a delay national development.

    Almost everything is affected by bad leadership – infrastructure, health care, education, employment and what have you …if citizens begin to develop a love for the country they would strife to keep it strong.

    In our cause, there is really no one fighting for the nation Nigeria, that is the problem in Nigeria.

  3. gtmind
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    Here are some of the many problems in Nigeria.

    1. Electricity supply is erratic

    Most businesses have alternative supply of electricity which usually include maintaining plants to provide electricity or staying off the public supply grid completely.

    Diesel generators are very popular and sufficiently reliable, however, for such Enterprises, diesel cost alone may make up to 40% of expenditure, and usually higher than personnel costs.

    2. Taxes, tarrifs, duties

    Due to inconsistent government policies, there are usually multiple taxes where the Federal Government has its own taxes, the State Government has its own taxes, and the Local Government its own taxes.

    So, several tax agents will visit business premises from time to time requesting for taxes of several forms to be paid or that evidence be proven that it’s been paid. Many companies have however, employed tax consultants to handle this aspect of their business. These aside from import duties if the enterprise must bring in goods from other countries

    Too many regulations, regulators

    As there are many agencies of government, both Federal and State, which look out for different aspects of regulation: environmental, standards, health especially if it relates to foods and drugs (those ones could be very thorough the first time), and the officials could be very demanding when you need certain approvals (requesting bribes).

    Bribery and corruption is a major problem in nigeria

    Non Availability if Raw Materials

    Intermediate products and raw materials are not often available locally. Many small Nigerian businesses are taking up the challenge in this area by attempting to provide primary products or intermediate products for businesses that might have need for them, however, there’s still a long wait to go.

    Finally, the cost of credit is high. Interest rates are typically above 25% currently.

    However, Nigeria has such a huge market for goods and services, a huge appetite for consumer goods, and even luxury and comfort, a thriving informal economy provides a class of such untaxed, undocumented competent consumers. So, despite the troubles, many companies that can withstand the trouble will shortly make handsome profits.

  4. gtmind

    We are the main problem of Nigeria.. 
    No one else but else but us. 

    We claim to call to religion and politicians to be the problem but we made them took all the decision they are making.

    We all want a different Nigeria but we are not willing to be a different person and change from the past lifestyles.

    Nigerians…. the people is the major problem.

    If we could decide to be different and change for good with no strings attached Nigeria will be better. 

    The power to make Nigeria better is right within our hands. 
    All we have to do is embrace it and move on.

    Although it will take time but it’s worth the try. 
    Keep religion and politics aside and become the change you are waiting to see. It really takes just a man to start a revolution.
    There is no other way to go about this.

  5. Nigeria my beloved country,  filled with honey, milk and all the best, but why is this great country so retarded and backward and we not getting this best? Probleeeeems!!! Talk about the  government, talk about the society, what about culture,language etc the list is endless. We talk about a thousand and one problemside if not millions, but the only problem I see we have is lack of love. 
    The world is revolved around this word “love”. Love for God, love for each other. Love, did i hear you right, Why ?
    1. If the government loves the people they would do the best to make the lives of the people better and comfortable. They wouldn’t kill and maim during and after elections to get their selfish Gains. 
    2. If we love each other irrespective of our cultural and language differences we will live as one and seek for the benefits of all.
    3. Love will make seek for a better society where every one is equal, equipped and comfortable. 
    The question is are you ready to be an advocate and an example of love. 

  6. Dsanch

    Nigeria no doubt is a blessed country with so many mineral and material resources, enormous potentials, youths with the “ I can do” spirit and high intellectuals too.

    The problem in Nigeria I can say started right from the colonial masters who took away what we had: Our believes, cultures, traditions, etc and gave us a new way of life. We discarded all we believed in and all we worked hard for. No doubt we are not the only countries colonized by the British but we simply have refused to move on.

    We are simply dwelling and swimming in our past instead of putting heads together to solve our problems, we simply brought enmity between the different ethnic groups that exist in Nigeria, we lost our patriotic spirit and togetherness all in the quest for political power, we lost our pride to bad governance, we lost our voice and boldness due to corruption and tips we get from the politicians.

    We let lies rule, and our resources are been toiled with by those in the corridors of powder. We claim “change” when there is none and not even ready to work towards a positive goal.
    We live in a messed up country where injustice prevails and money rules, ethnic conflicts, religion crisis, bribery, and corruption.
    I would simply say in my understanding that the problem with Nigeria is simply those living and ruling in Nigeria, there is a need for reorientation and restructuring.


    But there is hope, God have a big plan for Nigeria and it is unfolding as the day goes by. The corrupt leaders will be blindsided, they wouldn’t see it coming…. the salvation of the lord.

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